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The Atomium

Built in 1958, the 102-metre high monument represents a magnified iron crystal made of nine atoms. Recently renovated and opened to the public, the Atomium puts on interesting exhibitions, especially for children. Going up in the lift gives you some
of the best views of Brussels.

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The Manneken Pis:

Sculpted in 1619, this statue of a little man weeing into a fountain has become one of Belgium’s best-known monuments. He even has an extensive wardrobe of different costumes likely to make any woman jealous!

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Belgium is famous for its moules-frites (mussels and chips), as well as its belgium chocolate!

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Famous Belgians:

Magritte (artist), Simenon (writer), Jacques Brell (singer), Eddy Merckx (cyclist), Hergé (creator of Tintin) and the Smurfs!

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