Welcome to Colonial Nuggets Wiki

My name is Angel Gonzalez Ag├╝era. I teach English, Science and Arts & Crafts at CEIP San Cristobal, a public primary school in Madrid (Spain). Colonial Nuggets Wiki is a cooperative and collaborative tool designed to allow my students to expand their English and Science class-units by creating, editing, and linking web pages from different locations.

Lots more to come!

Our Projects

Year 2009-2010 5th grade
(First Colonials)
Year 2010-2011 5th grade
(Pegasus Team)
6th grade
(First Colonials)
Year 2011-2012 6th grade
(Pegasus Team)
Year 2012-2013 6th grade
(Intrepid Team)
Year 2013-2014 5th grade
(Enterprise Team)
Year 2016-2017 6th grade
(Roaring Explorers)